A Short History of Kanjini Co-Op

Stage 1 – January 2006 until September 2009

We started meeting in January 2006 and spent the first three and a half years developing the vision, deciding on the legal and share structure, adopting model rules to suit our vision and deciding on the rights and liabilities of members.
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Stage 2 – September 2009 until December 2012

We incorporated as a Cooperative on 20-09-2009. Only after that did we start looking for land, while continuing to meet regularly and honing our documents. We looked at over twenty different properties, made a couple of offers on one (which were both rejected and the property sold. Then Adler Hill suddenly became available and we had two and a half month to get nearly $2.5 million together.

Stage 3 – December 2012 until March 2015

The settlement day for our Adler Hill property was 21-12-2012 (the end of the Mayan calendar). Since we had to take up a million dollar loan to buy this magnificent land, our first business was us becoming a land developer. We spent a lot of time walking the 900 acre corner of the property which we felt we could live without (so we can pay the bank back), worked out where to put the boundaries and tracks and placed nature covenants on the land. We put a development application to council to subdivide eight lots in two stages. Three of those lots have been sold as of early 2017, which allowed us to reduce our bank loan to about $600k.
We also planted about 50 different tropical fruit trees in our first orchard to see which ones like this climate best (and to have fruit once we move onto the land).

Stage 4 – March 2015 until June 2017

In 2015 we applied for a second development application for our next business, private camping. We received permission to create 11 very private camping spots on the land, which are far away from each other for maximum privacy.

As part of that development application we also got permission to build two additional dwellings on the land as caretakers dwellings near two of the main entrances. This application was again done in two stages, with the first stage of camping ready to open in mid 2017.

Stage 5 – June 2017 until …..

Now, in 2017 we are offering our last three foundation shares for sale to finance the construction of the first caretakers dwelling, which will create 6-8 rooms for members and/or visitors to live in, allowing us to finally get people living on the land. Those three shareholders will each be offered usage agreements over a room in that caretakers dwelling. Any other new rooms/ huts created later on the land will always be offered to earlier shareholders first (unless decided otherwise by a meeting), even if created with money from shareholders joining later.

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