Kanjini Co-Op Share Prospectus

Do you want to become part of a mutually supportive and diverse community, creating a joyful and abundant existence, while being sensitive to sustainability and our ecological footprint?
Are you a compassionate person committed to growing your personal, communal and environmental awareness?
If your answer to these questions is yes, please read on.

This is your chance to become a part owner of our amazing 6,600 acre (25 sq km) "Adler Hill" property in FNQ. The land has a healthy dry climate, a variety of fertile soils, 3km of crystal clean refreshing creek flowing through it, a clear 25 acre lake to swim in and breathtaking vistas. Its bordering the Wet Tropics World Heritage area (we have an ~16 km common boundary) and the beautiful Emerald Creek Falls.

Our property is in an area of the Atherton Tablelands considered to be one of the healthiest climates of the world, ~15 minutes from Mareeba, the major supply town for Cape York with all facilities including a hospital, and just one hour from Cairns and its international airport. There is a well-established Steiner School in the area (school bus stops 5.5km from Kanjini property and takes ~35min). The area is best known for its world heritage listed reefs and rainforests, but also for its fresh fruits and vegetables, numerous beautiful waterfalls, crater lakes, highest mountains in Queensland, marble caves, the world largest lava-flows, hot springs, secluded beaches,ancient Aboriginal art sites and stunning savanna country.

Kanjini is a for-profit trading Cooperative, that intends to create profitable businesses to support the co-op and its shareholders. This will also offer
employment opportunities to members and create an even more sustainable community.
Our vision is to develop this versatile property in stages into an active and sustainable rural community running various thriving businesses.
We intend to transform this land into a beautiful and thriving home for ourselves and future generations to come.

For the next stage of our development Kanjini Co-Op wishes to raise the funds and find the labour to build our first share house on the property. For this purpose we are now making our final three foundation shares and the first three introductory shares available for purchase.
There is a possibility that two or three of these new shareholders can work off part or all of their share capital (except the deposit). Positions and expertise we are currently looking for are: someone with professional experience in building, and an experienced organic farmer (livestock or small crops).

What is required from shareholders:

  • $100,000 to buy a full share ($10,000 for introductory share). You can pay a 20% deposit and pay off (or possibly work off) the remainder, which will incur an interest rate equal to what Kanjini pays to the bank.

  • $1,100/year membership fee, $550 for introductory share (10% discount if paid in full in advance)
  • 10hrs/week of work whenever you reside on Kanjini land
  • a weekly or monthly maintenance contribution fee, depending on size and type of personal space
  • participate in a minimum of one week/year of social adhesion and/or personal growth workshops
  • a commitment to non-violent communication and conflict resolution
  • a commitment to personal growth and to bring awareness to your actions and interactions
  • Commit to abide by the rules
  • Provide valid contact details to the Co-Op

What you cannot do or have on Kanjini land:

  • Ownership of your own piece of land or your dwelling/house (we will only offer leases, see under benefits)
  • Have a dog, a cat, a goat or a deer
  • Steal or use physical violence against anyone.
  • Use or possess any illegal drugs
  • Do anything that does not conform with the law or council regulations

What benefits are included for shareholders:

  • Full shareholders have equal ownership of all Kanjini Co-Op assets including our 25sq km property.
  • Full shareholders have an equal vote in decisions related to the Co-Op (one member / one vote).
  • Shareholders are encouraged to create and manage  Co-Op businesses and be paid a wage and/or commission, or to create or run private businesses on the land (giving 10% of profits to the Co-Op), (Co-Op businesses have preference).
  • The right to reside in any class of accommodation available at minimal cost.
    This is done using 12 month lease/usage agreements. These automatically renew unless the leasee and the Co-Op agree to termination, or either party gives 3 month notice prior to the renewal date. For the Co-Op to terminate a lease requires 75% of members to vote for that, which is the same amount of votes required to suspend or expel a member. Either would take serious rule-breaking & alienation...
  • Profits made by the various Co-Op businesses will be paid to shareholders as dividends proportional to the paid-up share capital whenever the board sees fit.
  • Shared evening meals will be provided as part of the residential contributions.
  • Additional investment opportunities/shares are also available to shareholders (project targeted, non-specific or self-interest).

If you are interested in becoming a shareholder in Kanjini Co-Op,
please first fill out our online supporters questionnaire

NOTES: - Most personal spaces will be in various share-houses, some of which will be designed for maximum privacy (for example using linear designs, rock walls and / or court-yards). Due to council rules only a few detached “pavilions” / cottages will be available.
Shareholders will be offered any available accomodation in order of joining dates.

view from proposed main community house

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