Frequently Asked Questions - MEMBERSHIP

What does membership mean?
Membership is tied to shareholding. Only shareholders can be members.
Membership in Kanjini Co-Op means that you are an equal member of the community, you have the right to attend meetings, you will have a say in all matters which interest you and as a full shareholder you have a vote. You also have a right to enter onto and enjoy Kanjini properties and to live on the property (providing legal accommodation is available) on a first joined first served basis.
In return you need to pay a yearly membership fee and adhere to the
active membership requirements.

As a member can I get secure tenure for my private accommodation?
Kanjini Co-Op will offer members 12 month contracts on personal accommodation. These contracts will automatically renew for the next twelve month, unless both parties agree to terminate them or one party gives at least two month notice before the renewal date. For the Co-Op to do this a ¾ majority would be needed in a meeting, so it will not happen without a very good reason.
We believe this is a good compromise between security for the individual and protection of the community from a member who might have become a nuisance to too many people (like in any relationship, even the best people can end up on drugs and/or change into monsters).

How can I fulfill my obligations as an Active member when I reside overseas three months every year ?
Kanjini Co-Op Active Membership requires that any Member shall contribute the equivalent of 10 hours per week in a variety of tasks. This is applicable only for the time spent on the property and not for the three month you are away. We have been talking about changing this so there is also a much smaller contribution for non-residents, but no decision has been made yet. If that eventuates you may work extra hours during your residence for example or arrangements can be made between you and another members (or possibly a non-member) to work on your behalf.
All other active membership requirements you can fulfill wherever you are

I do not want to be a farmer. Can I be a member and not work on the farm?
We certainly want to have farming happening on the land as well as Large Food Gardens and orchards as well as Permaculture Food Forests.
However there is no requirement for anyone to do farming or gardening. That is for those to do who love farming...
While each residential member needs to do ten hours/week of labour contribution, there are many different jobs to choose from, for example activities such as building, renovations, maintenance, marketing, education etc, as well as cleaning, cooking and other regular chores.

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