About Us...

We are a group of dedicated people who recognise the need for change; particularly with our beautiful planet facing major crisis such as climate change, decreasing food security, land fragmentation, economic collapse and social unrest.

With our combined life experiences, insights and knowledge, we feel living sustainably in a mutually supportive and cooperative system of shared custodianship is one answer to these issues: moving from "this land is my land" to "we are one with the land", from private ownership to sharing.

As ever increasing land fragmentation and degradation occurs we are determined to be a part of the ever growing community dedicated to growing foods with minimal impact on the earth. One of our aims is to sustainably provide our food by organic, biodynamic and biological methods utilising smart land care practises such as Permaculture design. We are keen and enthusiastic gardeners and several of our members have extensive agricultural and farm management experience.

We want to contribute to the wider community and global community, as a model of sustainability by sharing understanding, processes and discoveries (through papers, products and/or workshops). Kanjini Co-Op has several very dedicated members who already use smart solutions to contemporary problems such as electricity generation. We are a group that utilises intelligent technology and design and practises reuse and recycling.

We are committed to creating abundance while being sensitive to our ecological footprint. We are dedicated to providing affordable housing and opportunities for income for our members. Our recognition of the Earths' finite resources encourage us to be innovative.

We welcome joy, acceptance, trust, gratitude, abundance and celebration for we all feel very blessed to be here now at such a tumultuous but exciting time for the planet. We embrace Social Sustainability by practicing nonviolence, cooperation, interdependence trust, mutual respect, awareness and caring for one's self and each other.

We respect the need for privacy while maintaining a commitment to community.
We sing, dance, laugh and celebrate together to enhance and foster love, friendship, fun, tolerance, trust and truth.
We commit to honesty with each other, clear communication and peaceful methods of conflict resolution.
We share knowledge, creativity and skills and intend that all our interactions to be imbued with compassion, respect, caring, warmth and affection to create an environment conducive to fostering the fullest development of human potential.

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