Kanjini Co-Op will increase its membership in stages as the development of our properties progresses.

We are now offering our last three Foundation Shares to raise the funds to build our first share house on the land.
These Foundation shares are still priced at $100,000, can be applied for with a minimum $20,000 deposit and for all applications received before 30-06-2017 only half the usual interest rate will be charged on the outstanding share capital.
Foundation shares attract an extra dividend and additional voting rights
Each of those three new shareholders will also be offered a room in that first share-house on our magnificent "Adler Hill" property.

In addition to those we are offering three Introductory Shares.
Introductory Shares cost $10,000, can be applied for with a minimum $2,000 deposit and for all applications received before 30-06-2017 only half the usual interest rate will be charged on the outstanding share capital. There is a possibility for at least one of these share holders to work off all or at least most of their share capital.
One of the positions is for a camping manager, another for a builder, and the third could be for an organic farmer (livestock or small crops)

We are also inviting expressions of interest from institutional shareholders, ideally conservation organisations or any organisation which would have an interest in us looking after the land and its flora and fauna, especially the endangered and critically endangered species we have on our land or an interest in this large property being developed in a sustainable way, with permaculture principles and without the use of poisons.
In our studies of communities we have found that often members (especially in later years) start voting in their personal interest rather than the interest of the vision, so we'd like to create a voting block which can prevent that from happening and ensures that future Kanjini Co-Op residents stay true to our principles. So if you are part of or know any organisations which might be interested to be involved, please let us know about them and if possible email us their contact details. We are open to creating a new class of shares if current share options will not suit, but at this stage are looking for interested parties to discuss the options.

Our different membership classes allow for people with lots of energy but little money to come and live with us and earn their share by working on realising this vision.

For more information on shares and the rights and liabilities attached, check out our Kanjini Co-Op Share Prospectus.

view from proposed share-house

How to become a Kanjini Co-Op member
This is a process which usually takes several weeks or month as we all need to get to know each other and feel good with each other.
First you need to fill out this Supporters Questionnaire.
You will then be contacted and invited to get to know some of the existing shareholders, attend meetings and if possible come and experience the land.
Once we get to know each other a bit better and both feel good about each other, we will supply you with a membership application form and our disclosure statement, which clearly spells out all the rights and liabilities related to a share in Kanjini Co-Op.
If you are happy with the contents of the disclosure statement, you may fill out a membership application form.
That form will be tabled at our next board meeting and if the board approves your application, it will set a trial period and the conditions for that.
Once you completed your trial period, your application will go to a general meeting for final approval.

 Altogether we can create a sustainable future. hands holding earth

Active Membership Requirements
To maintain active membership of the cooperative, a member shall:

1. Hold a minimum of one Full or Foundation share
2. Pay an application fee as outlined in the Disclosure Statement
3. Commit to pay Annual Subscription levy as outlined in the Disclosure Statement
4. Keep up to date with payments due
5. Commit to provide labour as per Labour and Food schedule
6. Commit to Maintenance Contribution agreements as per Maintenance Contribution Schedule
7. Provide a proxy when required
8. Commit to abide by the rules
9. Provide valid contact details to the Co-Op at least once a year
10. Adhere to the Conflict Resolution Policy (Disclosure Statement Annexure)
11. Abstain from stealing and/or physical violence on any property owned or leased by Kanjini Co-Op
12. Commit to participate in the equivalent of a one week residential workshop with all members once a property has been purchased or to commit to a three month trial period.

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