We have created 14 private camp sites spread over our vast land,
which you can explore and book through our Emerald Escape Camping website

The Five Principles / Pillars of Kanjini:

1. Stewardship of the Land
There will be no private ownership of any land, housing or major assets on Kanjini land, those will all be owned by the Cooperative as a whole. Private ownership separates and divides, shared stewardship connects us with each other and the land

2. Inter-Generational Community
Kanjini wishes to bring together joyous kids, driven teenagers, energetic young people, mature middle-aged people and wise old people into one big family or tribe, cooperating and caring for each other

3. Governance
Kanjini is governed by a board of directors, elected by its members. It's operating like a circle of elders, who ideally make unanimous decisions, similar to how Aboriginal tribes were governed for millennia

4. Conflict Resolution
Everyone at Kanjini shall be committed to identify, address and resolve any conflict. Conflict hidden, ignored or unresolved becomes destructive; conflict resolved brings personal growth and becomes a strong social glue.

5. Respect for Rules and Laws
Kanjini respects the rules and laws of the wider community we live in and expects our rules and codes to be adhered to by everyone on the land.

The word Kanjini means Connectedness.
The above five principles / pillars will support our awareness of & connection with our inner selves, each other, country, and the wider community.


We are seeking pioneers, who are willing to volunteer to help us manifest this incredible vision on this amazing property. The project has endless potential and it needs more pioneers and innovators to take it to the next step. Currently, we only have camping areas available for newcomers. You will need to have your own camping set-up, be able to live communally, and be committed to keep growing your personal, social and environmental awareness.
Come and join us in creating this sustainable community while enjoying clean soil, clean air and clean water on our unique 6600 acre property with stunning views, a 25 acre lake and 3km of pristine emerald creek.
If you are the pioneer type and this appeals to you, please fill out this questionnaire to express your interest

Kanjini Is laughter and Joy

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If you are interested to become part of the solution which we envision Kanjini to be, please

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