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Posted 10th April 2015
Walk to camp site 6 and above it

This is a slightly challenging, but very rewarding hike, with about 450m in elevation to be gained over about 2km, so quite steep in sections. But the views near the top make up for this and the big rock-overhang cave on the way is a magic place!
Enjoy the pics!

Walk to Camp 6 and above
This is the walk I did to Camp 6 and above, right to the boundary of our property at ~900m elevation
camp 6 main-option
Camp 6 site, unless we can get up a really steep slope to the cave area
views from camp 6
view from camp 6 towards the west
view from camp 6 to lake
view - camp 6 towards lake (I think we'd have to remove a few small trees to improve views
small camp near cave
small camp site near cave
cave from uphill
cave from uphill
panorama with cave
Panorama view from small campsite towards cave
view from top to WNW
view from top to WNW
view from top towards lake
view from top towards lake
inside of rock overhang
inside of rock overhang/ cave
cave from downhill
cave from downhill
gnarly tree
gnarly tree
steep ascent
steep ascent to first camp 6 - can we put a 4WD track here?
steep descent from cave
even steeper descent from cave site - can we put a 4WD track here?
view to the north
View to the north
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